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Child Saver Technologies is part of the LRS UK group.

Priceless Dangers SOE Emergency Tracking Monitoring Reporting Piece of Mind


Your children are PRICELESS!

You need to protect them in the best way you can when they are away from your control.

But that was never an easy thing to do, until our Child Saver Technology device arrived to help you.

Internet Dangers

A Mobile Phone and the Internet can be a deadly place.

Protect your child longer against involvement before they are exposed to that online technology that has proved FATAL to some children.

SOS Emergency

Our Child Saver Device calls SOS in emergencies.

The Device sends an SMS TEXT then calls up to THREE phone numbers so you can speak with your child immediately.

If engaged the Child Saver Device polls the next number authorised to receive the SOS call.


It would be nice to know exactly where your child is at any time.

The Child Saver Device (with the GPS option) can track the position of the device to within 10 metres anywhere in the world.

If the worst was to happen then you would be able to track the position of your child in real time.


Are you worried that you child is being bullied?

The Child Saver Device can be called by AUTHORISED phones only to listen in to what's going on at any time.

The child does not know that they are being monitored for security reasons.


When you use the GPS online tracker it's possible to get full reports of all information.

Reports include location, distance, all communications, emergencies and more.

The Child Saver Device stores report data on an optional micro SD card.

Peace of Mind

The thing about parents is that they ALWAYS worry about their children.

But if your child has the Child Saver Device then those worries will subside.

It uses SMS, Voice, GPS technologies with rechargeable battery up to 5 days.

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Children - Safe & Sound

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About Us

Child Saver Technologies:

We have set up this brand to supply and sell specialised products for parents to track their children in almost any circumstances. Safety is always important where children are concerned. So this brand of 'Child saver Technologies' was created, but is a trading name of one of the largest pager manufacturers in the world today. The Child Saver products are only available from LRS UK though and are NOT manufactured by LRS.



Our company was formed in 1989 in the technology environment and since that time we have supplied everything technology related, including PC's Networks, Mobile Phones, Pagers and Paging Systems, Support Services and much more.


Where we're going:

Our objective with Child Saver Technologies is to make available to parents an alternative to the mobile phone, which often carries with it internet and many other unsafe directions that children can and do sometimes take.


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Child Saver Technologies™ is part of Long Range Systems UK offices. Only LRS UK sells & supports Child Saver Devices.